The Big Backyard

10am - 3.30pm

Smoked, grilled and basted delights from Australian and international barbecue pitmasters.

Watch some of Australia’s best barbecue teams battle it out for the 2018 BIG BBQ Battle. Teams will compete in chicken, pork ribs, lamb and beef to the seasons first grand champion.

BBQ basting

The battle of the best smoked, grilled and basted meats. Talk to the teams, browse brand new smokers and BBQs and discover the world of competition barbecue.

Badass Barbecue will be hosting the BBQ Stage. Badass Barbecue are a competition BBQ team based in Sydney, Australia. As one of the first competition teams formed in the country, the boys set out to compete in as many barbecue contests as possible with the goal to one day make it to an event in America, and take on the best in the world. In 2016 they earned their spot into The Jack Daniels World Championship Invitational where they finished a respectable 62nd out of the world's top 100 and 5th out of the international contestants.

Competing Teams:

1. With a P and Que

6. Scotch and Smoke


7. Hogg Style BBQ

3. Fastlane BBQ Crew

8. Aussie pit boys

4. Aussie Pit Girls

9. Rollin Smoke BBQ

5. Q’d up BBQ

10. Manning Valley Natural Smokers


10am - 10.30am Introduction to Low and Slow: BBQ's, meats, fuels, rubs
10.30am - 11am Q and A session with the Pitmasters
11.30am - 12pm Preparing and cooking: Lamb shoulder
12.30pm - 1pm Preparing and cooking: Reverse seared steak
2pm - 2.30pm Chicken wings with Alabama white sauce
3pm - 3.30pm Q and A session with the Pitmasters

Judging Category

BBQ sample of foodA panel of judges, accredited by the Australian Barbecue Alliance (ABA), will judge each category based on the following:

  • Presentation
  • Texture
  • Taste

Each team will receive a total score for each round based on the ABA judging formula. All awarded scores in each category will be added to award the Grand Champion.