The Big Backyard


Smoked, grilled and basted delights from Australian and international barbecue pitmasters. Cheer on the chefs at the Big BBQ Battle, and check out brand new smokers and BBQs on display.

The Big BBQ, 6am-8pm

The Big BBQ

Taste your way around the world with 90 metres of meat on offer. Food stalls open from 6am to 8pm (exact stalls may change at different times) and more food is available throughout event site.

  • Rotary Club of Parramatta with a BBQ breakfast
  • Brazilian BBQ
  • Rangers Texas BBQ
  • Memphis BBQ Pit
  • Parrilla Argenchino - South American BBQ
  • Marlies BBQ Rolls
  • Waroo Lamb
  • Red Ember - American-style BBQ
  • Fired Up! -  grass roots grilled and fried skewers, crackles and fries
  • Turkish Gozleme
  • and more.

Browse brand new smokers and BBQs on display as well as stalls featuring the best in modern barbecue and grill culture, and shop a range of artisan sauces and rubs.

Presented in partnership with the Australasian BBQ Alliance.

The Big BBQ Battle, 10am-3pm


  • Scotch & Smoke
  • Q'd up Barbecue
  • Smoking Coals BBQ
  • True Blue Q
  • Aussie Pit Boys
  • Smoking Jokers
  • Pits Perfect
  • Rollin Smoke BBQ
  • Piggy Butt Brain

Times of the comp are:

  • 10am Chicken Turn in
  • 11am Lamb Turn in
  • 12pm Pork Ribs Turn in
  • 1pm Beef Turn in
  • 3pm Winners announcements

A panel of judges (accredited by the ABA) will judge each category based on the following:

  • Presentation
  • Texture
  • Taste

Each team will receive a total score for each round based on the ABA judging formula. All awarded scores in each category to will be added to award the Grand Champion.


  • 1st place in Round $ 200 cash + trophy
  • 2nd place in Round $100 cash + trophy
  • 3rd place in Round $50 cash + trophy
  • Grand Champion $ 500 + prizes + trophy
  • Reserve Grand Champion (runner up) $ 250 + Prizes + trophy

Total cash and prize pool in excess of $3000