Family Stage | 11am - 1pm

See the best singers, dancers, performers and groups in Western Sydney battle it out in the ultimate talent showcase. Judges include rock legend Ross Wilson, local rapper D Minor, and EMI Music Australia's Heather O'Brien.

Prize Categories
  • Traditional and contemporary performance

Includes cultural performance groups, traditional or contemporary

  • Vocal performance

Most outstanding entrant judged on vocal talent and delivery

  • Parramatta Prize

Winner of Parravision



Amber Jade Smith (Contemporary)
Lynette Corcoran (Vocalist) 
Audrey Bygraves (Vocalist) 
Madison Misfud (Vocalist) 
Blake Williams (Vocalist) 
Mia Davarias (Vocalist) 
Caio Ferraz (Contemporary)
Purvi Kapur (Cultural) 
Catherine Ogilvie (Vocalist) 
Ruchi Sanghi (Cultural) 
Damian Hempstead (Vocalist) 
Samantha Nagle (Vocalist) 
Isabel Szanto (Contemporary) 
Scarlet Lung (Cultural) 
Janani Beadle (Cultural) 
Sophia Dalisay (Vocalist) 
Jordyn Richards (Vocalist) 
Sunil Pai (Vocalist) 
Like Angels (Trio - Vocal Group) 
Vivianna Jneid (Vocalist) 



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