THE BIG BBQ 10am - 3.30pm

Smoked, grilled and basted delights from Australian and international barbeque pitmasters. Watch some of Australia’s best barbeque teams battle it out for the 2019 BIG BBQ Battle - the battle of the best smoked, grilled and basted meats. In 2019, the theme is lamb - teams will dish out the ultimate lamb cutlets, ribs, shanks and shoulders for the Big Lamb Competition .

Talk to the teams, browse brand new smokers and BBQs, sample their delicious treats and discover the world of competition barbecue.

BBQ Stage

Time Activity
9.40am Pitmaster Demonstration - Lamb Cutlets
10am Turn-In - Lamb Cutlets
10.25am Turn-In - Pitmaster Demonstration - Lamb Ribs
10.45am Turn-In - Lamb Ribs
11.10am Pitmaster Demonstration - Lamb Shanks
11.30am Turn-In - Lamb Shanks
11.30am Competitive Eating round
11.55pm Pitmaster Demonstration - Lamb Shoulder
12.15pm Turn-In - Lamb Shoulder
12.40pm Pitmaster Demonstration - Lamb Chefs Choice
1.00pm Turn-In - Lamb Chefs Choice
1.30pm Competitive Eating
2.00pm Pitmaster Demonstration - Pitmaster Tips & Tricks
3.00pm ABA Team Presentations